Photo of Taylor

Day 1

Today mark’s the first day of living alone. Our family/friends have gone away on holiday and they needed someone to look after their pets.

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out what it’s like to live by myself in a house, since I was planning on getting my own place 🏡 in the near future. 

As with the rest of my website, documenting my day and how I get on is something that I thought would be useful when looking back. 

First day

Today was good, I felt excited about the adventure ahead, however also slightly nervous as there was lots of things to remember as I was the only person responsible for everything. 

I found the day went fairly quickly, a long dog walk 🐕 this morning in the heat was exhausting. 

I got on with my normal work for the day, replying to emails ✉️ and getting some custom form work complete to send over to a client for the first draft. 

There were a few issues with food. When it came to lunch, I intended to have a ham sandwich, sadly the bread 🥖 had gone off and mouldy, this meant I had cereal and a yoghurt instead.  

For dinner, I had pizza 🍕 and potato waffles which were lovely and cooked in the oven. I surprised myself with my cooking skills (however basic they are). 

Then it was time for the second walk of the day, this consisted of going round the block and getting some fresh air before tucking up into bed 🛏️ and heading to sleep.