Photo of Taylor

Day 3

Another nice walk this morning. Today I spent most of the day on a call 📞 with a friend who was helping me with some website stuff. I enjoyed watching the Women’s Hundred cricket 🏏. 

I managed breakfast and lunch, however was too tired 😴 to make dinner. 

The evening walk didn’t go to plan, Buddy wasn’t listening to me and made the whole walk very stressful.  

My knees have been giving me some pain recently, so moving about has been tricky.

I think the stress came from a couple of different things, like making sure I have keys 🔑 , put the alarm on, fed all the animals at the correct times and then also battling my tiredness and lack of energy on top of everything. 

I’m still proud of myself so far, it’s not been easy and I think living in my own place will be slightly different as I wouldn’t have all these extra pet responsibilities and large house to worry about.