Photo of Taylor

The Beginning

Everyone starts somewhere. For me, it’s was following in my dad’s footsteps. On the 17th February 2016 after saving up for a “professional camera” (a DSLR) which is what I called it at the time. I bought my first camera from eBay for £181.60 in the auction. This was a big investment for me considering that I was 16, no job and big expectations. When it finally arrived, I took my camera up the Shard to capture my first photograph of many thousands to come. Being a rookie and having no clue at all what I was doing I managed to scratch the lens up against the glass. Luckily it wasn’t noticeable in the photos. That day caused me to fall in love with photography…

The moment I got home from London, I took the SD card out of my camera and imported all the photos to my computer. Hours must have gone by. I was so fascinated by what was what possible when editing all my photos, that hours must have passed by because when I looked at the clock I remember seeing that it was 2 am and 5 hours had passed from when I got home. I won’t forget the first time I opened up Lightroom to edit my first set of photos. It was like Christmas but in February!

My First Camera – The first camera that I bought was a Canon 1000D. This camera was the best (and most expensive) thing that I had bought ever. So I treasured it and guarded it with my life and wouldn’t let it out of my sight ever while out taking photos. If it wasn’t for this camera (and maybe my dad I guess too… thanks, dad if you’re reading) then I would never have found one of my favourite hobbies in the world. Period. This is how I discovered Photography.